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Which platform for investors to choose in 20222

In the digital age and new innovations, investing online is becoming more and more accessible to individuals. Indeed, the internet offers a lot of investment opportunities these days. The stock market and cryptocurrencies are concrete proof of this. Moreover, there are many platforms that can help us take our first steps into these two worlds. In this article, we are going to tell you about the possible two best platforms for investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency. However, this is in no way investment advice.  


If you have made the firm decision to invest in the financial markets, eToro may be the platform of reference. Indeed, this platform which belongs to the great closed circles of the stock market has more than 20 million customers and approximately 15 years of existence. It stands out from its competitors in the sense that it allows you to invest in stocks, commodities or even in crypto-currencies. The most interesting thing is that you can invest in more than 2,000 stocks without fees or commissions and all this even with one account. 

The advantages of eToro: 

  • It has an ultra-intuitive interface suitable for everyone. 
  • There are no fees on shares. 
  • Spreads and fees are rather low on share CFDs. 
  • It is the ideal ergonomic platform for beginners. 
  • There is even a copytrading system to take over the strategies of pro traders. 


It is the most popular cryptocurrency trading platform on the internet. Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, the platform weighs 70% of the global crypto exchange market. It has over 450 million visitors per month and over 1 billion trades are executed on the platform every day. It has enabled millions of people to buy and trade hundreds of tokens and tokens since its inception. 

The advantages of Binance: 

  • In addition to being the leader of crypto platforms, it may be the only one where trading fees are low. 
  • It is available worldwide and supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and over 500 trading pairs. 
  • Its integrated, safe and secure wallet with pip calculator. 
  • It is available on several devices (internet, Smartphone, Windows, macOS). 
  • The most interesting thing is that the payment options are multiple.

In conclusion, these two platforms are among the best in the world of online investing. In addition to being suitable for all types of users, they are very secure. 

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