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Best Platforms To Buy Bitcoin In Europe

Europe is one of the most excellent trading spaces, with many global assets available for investment. Cryptocurrencies are, to date, seen as the most unstable and unpredictable asset to invest in. However, Bitcoin has been often used and invested in by people.

Bitcoin has also been crowned the best-ranked investment in existence, and it is already on its verge to become the most trustworthy global currency ever. Purchasing Bitcoin in Europe is a relatively simple process found on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Here is a list of platforms in Europe where you may easily buy Bitcoin.


If you are a beginner searching for an easy way to buy Bitcoin, Coinbase is a great place to start. Coinbase is a long-running cryptocurrency exchange established in the United States. Coinbase is a tightly controlled marketplace in Europe where you may trade cryptocurrencies for a low charge in your own currency.

This platform offers the most extensive global client base and a safe and rapid way to deal in Bitcoin. They also have a Coinbase Earn tool, which allows the beginner to learn and earn cryptocurrencies at the same time, making it an excellent platform for beginners to begin with.


YouHolder is another cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin incredibly beneficial for newcomers. Beginners can even earn up to 12 % crypto interest on their savings here. They provide advanced trading tools to help investors learn more.


They are entirely open and honest with their consumers regarding the platform, including the dangers, charges, and costs. Customers can also take out short-term loans and borrow against cryptocurrency to engage in more complex trading. If you have any questions when trading, they have fantastic customer support to answer them and guide you through the process.


CoinSmart is a great cryptocurrency exchange for both new and experienced traders, and it gives Europeans easy access to Bitcoin. It is a well-designed crypto exchange based in Toronto, making it easy for traders to trade conveniently. They accept a variety of payment methods that are quickly validated. They also offer personalised trading for premium traders who want to undertake advanced trading.


Kryptomat is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that offers transparent and inexpensive transaction costs. This site is headquartered in Europe and is entirely governed by EU law. You can open an account for free and gain access to Bitcoin and more than 30 other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Using SEPA to buy Bitcoin can be relatively inexpensive, but you will almost likely have to pay a great cost if you choose other payment methods.

Bitcoin Reserve

If you want to invest in Bitcoin on a specialised platform, this is the ideal alternative for you! Because the exchange is based in Europe, it is suitable for European Bitcoin traders. The platform primarily offers two services: Flash, which allows you to purchase and sell Bitcoin with a limit instantaneously, and Bitcoin Reserve’s Concierge, which will enable you to buy and sell Bitcoin in cap amounts.

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